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Enterprising, curious, dynamic. I see in every change an opportunity.

I learned to combine technology and organization with humanity and teamwork.

I believe in sustainability, human capital and the value of diversity to build a better future.

  • Live inPontecorvo (FR) - available to relocate
  • Mobile+393429996510
  • CitizenshipItalian
  • Driving licenceB (Car)

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Professional Life

Work Experience

05/2022 ...
Biomedica Foscama I.C.F. S.p.A. - Ferentino (FR)

HR Administrator & Recruiter

Mi occupo di amministrazione del personale, analisi costi del personale, selezioni e gestione del personale per il sito di Ferentino (FR) e di supporto anche al sito di Anagni (FR) - Special Product's Line S.p.A..

05/2022 - 05/2023
Adecco Italia spa - Colleferro (RM)

Head of Selection and Service

I deal with the search for personnel on the company database and dedicated portals, according to customer requirements, using video interviews and face-to-face interviews with techniques such as B.E.I. and the S.T.A.R. method for assessment.
With sales, I work on understanding and defining job descriptions according to clients' needs.
I am dedicated to the management of workers to be reemployed and retrained through activities such as skills assessment and through an evaluation of upskilling and reskilling paths.
I am involved in orientation and communication activities within educational and training institutions.
I support business and service activities for workers and companies in administrative and legal matters.

01/2022 - 05/2022
Adecco Italia - Cassino (RM)

Recruiter Assistant

I started this journey as an intern in the area of personnel search and selection in a major national and international employment agency.
I quickly proved my abilities and was promoted to manager, interrupting my internship for a contract in another branch.

07/2021 - 01/2022
AXIA STP srl - Pontecorvo (FR)

Payroll and Taxes Assistant

I independently processed pay slips and entered employment files (Unilav, Contracts).
I managed tax deadlines, building fund and supplementary funds in addition to sending labour payments (F24, Uniemens, 770).
I have been involved in facilitations, internships (also Garanzia Giovani), apprenticeships and training projects.

07/2012 - 12/2021
Sezione Aurea Srl (Civico 39) - Pontecorvo (FR)

Restaurant/Bar Owner and Manager

I organized and developed business strategies from 75k to 500k annual sales.
I created and developed a working group of dining and kitchen staff (18 employees).
I created the first local wine shop with retail and online sales by integrating POS and Food Ordering and Delivery.

07/2009 - 01/2012
ATLabs & Affari Tuoi - Pontecorvo (FR)

IT Technichan

Mi sono occupato di installazione e manutenzione Hardware e Software, siti web, reti, grafica pubblicitaria e web.

07/2007 - 06/2009
Auchan Italia SPA (Simply Market srl) - Pontecorvo (FR)

Trainee Retail Manager

I was an apprentice manager and was in charge of team management, suppliers, orders, cash and stock.

Education and Languages


Master Degree in Digital Communication and Marketing

Stesura tesi in corso: materia scelta per la tesi “Psicologia delle Organizzazioni”.
Data prevista di completamento marzo 2024 – University curriculum

10/2021 - 05/2022
GEMA Business School - Roma (RM)

Master in Human Resources Organisation and Development

I attended the executive master in HR (SHRM aligned, ASFOR affiliated, CF recognized by the CNO of Employment Consultants) learning how to attract, search and select people. I also learned how to increase engagement, assess staff and create training and professional development paths.

10/2018 - 03/2022
Università degli Studi "Guglielmo Marconi" - Roma (RM)

Bachelor of Science in Economics (L-33)

Marketing 30L - Organizzazione aziendale 30 - Strategia e politica aziendale 28 - Piano di studi completo
Tesi in “Reputation Economy: da Brand Reputation a Employer Branding” - Voto: 102 - Relatore Prof. Tommaso Saso

09/1999 - 07/2004
ITIS "Galileo Galilei" - Pontecorvo (FR)

High school diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications

Final grade: 95/100 (min. grade 60/100)


Native language

🇮🇹 Italian

B2/C1 - Fluent

🇬🇧 English

Courses and Certifications

PEKIT Expert Office

Found. Sviluppo Europa

Typing Certification

City of Puglianello

Digital Public Speaking

Mario Moroni

Sommelier qualification

Italian Sommelier Association (AIS)

Soft Skills and Technical Expertise

Management skills

Time Management


Team Building




Analytical Thinking






Soft Skills

Problem Solving


Public Speaking










Technical Skills

Office Applications and Skills

Smart working using web access, Anydesk and TeamViewer Microsoft Office (Excel, World, Power Point, Outlook and Access) Videocall with: Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom and Google Meet

WEB apps

INPS, INAIL, Collocamento Obbligatorio Ministero del Lavoro

Software HR, Paghe e Contabilità

HR, Paghe e Contabilità: Olè, Ncore, Indeed, HelpLavoro, SalesForce, GIOTTO (Wolters Kluwer), Suite IPSOA (F24), Planet Time, Planet Time WEB, INAZ Paghe Web. - Web: INPS, INAIL, Collocamento Obbligatorio Ministero del Lavoro

Graphics and Design

Advertising graphics with Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo and Canva (Windows and Mac platform) and Web Marketing on Social Media

Programming, Development and O.S.

Home automation systems on Home Assistant platform (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Matter technologies). Basic programming: Swift, Python, Access - CMS and Ecommerce: WordPress, Prestashop, WooCommerce. Operating Systems: Windows, Mac and Linux (ubuntu and arch based), iOS and Android.

Intrests and Hobbies


  • Travel (15 countries visited)
  • Wine (AIS Sommelier Certificate)
  • Green Economy
  • Sustainability
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Diversity
  • Cultures
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things
  • Future
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • NFT
  • Metaverse
  • Innovation


RPGs (Role Playing Games), Music (I studied singing with the Maestra Franca Campoli and Guitar), Acting (I took a course with the Maestro Andrea Zanacchi), Trekking.


I was involved as a leader for many years in the inter-parish Christian-Catholic group 'Communion and Service' of the diocese of 'Sora, Aquino, Pontecorvo, Cassino' founded by Sr. Maria Fortuna Barbato. I took part in two editions of the 'Food Collection' for Banco Alimentare.


Pontecorvo (FR)

Available for transfers



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